Acne 101: Dry Skin Vs. Oily Skin

Acne is definitely extremely frequently encountered out there and although it may not be actually life-threatening, it can definitely be something you want to get rid of. For most of the people out there, acne starts to develop in their teen years, but there are some cases (quite a lot of them more recently, actually) in which acne starts to develop much earlier than that and in which it continues to be a serious issue over the following decades as well.

Finding a good acne treatment is very important if you want to make sure acne will disappear from your life as soon as possible. However, finding the best treatment for acne can feel very difficult to do and that is so due to 2 main reasons. The first reason is related to the fact that are so many products and services out there that it is almost impossible to settle on one of them only (or a combination of some of them) without being 100% certain that the information you have on this subject is actually accurate. The second reason is related to the fact that there are many myths out there and they may be confusing for you if you are not properly informed.

One of these myths is consisted of the idea that oily skin is the exact opposite of dry skin. To understand the fact that this is just a myth and that it is completely fake, you should first understand what each of these types skin actually is. Thus, you should know the fact that oily skin is called this way because of the fact that there is much more sebum secreted on it. Furthermore, you should know that dry skin is called this way because it lacks water and the hydration necessary for it to be beautiful. To find out more, just go here.

Knowing these things is very important for your acne treatment as well. Whatever type of treatment you may choose to apply (regular drugstore or high-end), you should make sure that it will imply you applying a special hydration cream as well. Moisturizing/hydrating creams for acne-prone skin are created especially to make sure that the skin does not get oilier due to the oils contained by them and they are also created especially to fight the main causes that lead to the development of acne. Make sure to invest in a good cream that goes along with your face was, toning lotion, mask and all the other products you use in your skin treatment and you will increase the chances of success.